Everybody is beyond thrilled and truly elated to welcome a newborn in their life.  But what if that happens during the colder season? Although winter could be a time of comfort for many, harsh winters can cause harm to your young one. 

Here are some handy tips to take care of your newborn in winters:

  • Whether your baby is with you at home or venturing out and about in the cold with you, you should make sure his/her clothing is temperature appropriate. One layer along with mittens and socks works when they are home with you. Use multiple layers when going outside, without suffocating the child. You can also shop for some cute winter clothing for your baby to stay warm in.
  • An oil massage daily or applying a lotion daily can lock in the moisture of the tender skin of your child and can help keep away dryness. A warm massage will also soothe the baby and help them sleep better. 
  • Stay guarded against the wind. When going for daily strolls and walks, even during sunny afternoons, make it a point that the stroller is covered with a layer to keep the baby protected against the biting wind. However, make sure that the air circulation within the stroller isn’t compromised.
  • While the new moms are breastfeeding, they can also include hot soups and healthy grains in their own diet, suitable to give warmth to their body and eventually resulting in adequate nutrition for the child.
  • Make sure your baby isn’t showing any signs of redness of the skin and cold hands and feet. If something like this happens, rush indoors and do not rub the cold skin. Instead, warm your baby by holding them close to you and gently wrapping them in multiple layers as much as is suitable, to make them feel comfortable again.

Remember that winter is a time about making merry and enjoying the season while it lasts. Do take these precautions and you’re all set to create many happy memories with your little bundle of joy. How do you prepare your child for winter? Tell us in the comments below.