Fun Facts About December Babies

December is the last month of the year. It is full of festivities, fun, and joy. The babies born in this month are as special as the festivals celebrated. One can even say that the best are always kept for the last. Here are some amazing facts you need to know about your December Baby.

  1. They live the longest! A study conducted in the year 2011 on the season of birth and longevity, states that the December babies live to be 105 or more. Another study, published in the Journal of aging research says the same. Which means that your baby is most likely to be semi-supercentenarian.
  1. Rarest Birthdays: You might be thinking that being born on Christmas may be a celebratory distraction. But it turns out that Christmas eve and Christmas are the rarest of days to be born on. Statistics show that there are an average of 6,500 births on Christmas. Therefore, if your munchkin is born on the big day, they have the rarest birthday.
  1. Least likely to have an outburst: Yup! You read it right. December babies are known to have less tantrums, mood swings and outbursts. A study in Semmelweis University in Budapest claims that December babies are calm and tend to have fewer tantrums.
  1. They are early birds: One can say that this month is magical. While most parents struggle with their kids staying up late and sleeping till late, December baby parents don’t. Research shows that people born in the month of December are most likely to be early birds. They also like to go to bed early. This also will be helpful in case you don’t get enough time for yourself.
  1. Sagittarius or Capricorn: December babies are either Sagittarius or Capricorn, based on their date of birth. If they are born before the 21st, they will be ruled by Sagittarius, represented by an Archer who is half man and half beast (Centaur). They are said to be extremely generous, idealistic, and downright hilarious. On the other hand, babies born after 22 December are ruled by Capricorn, represented by Goat. They are said to be responsible, disciplined, and masters of self-control. 
  1. They are the golden kid! Your baby will either be the youngest or the oldest in their class. Both are beneficial. While some studies say that the oldest are the most successful, others say that the youngest is likely to outperform the brightest in their class, by the time they graduate. Either way, they are the golden kid in their class.

Other than the above mentioned attributes, December babies are also adventurers and least likely to suffer from a major disease. They have two flowers, Holly and Narcissus, or paperwhites; and three birthstones, zircon, tanzanite, and the turquoise. December babies also share their birth month with few of the most talented and famous people in the world, like Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many more.

Although, it seems like being born in December is not really a fun thing because of loads of festivities, but December babies are rare, special and hard to miss. They have a great personality and are strong-willed. 

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