Birthdays hold a special place in our calendars. Celebrated with pomp and show and lots of gifts and a big cake, it’s no less than a festival. Although being born during the Christmas season is rare, it’s not impossible. There are many babies out there celebrating their birthdays during the festive season. This should not make their day any less special. Here is how you can plan a special birthday for your munchkin during the holidays.

  1. Avoid using Christmas Decorations: Using the same decoration items as Christmas will fade the boundary. Therefore, get separate decorations dedicated to birthdays. This will make it clear that the celebration is for the kid’s big day. Same goes with gift wrapping paper.
  1. Don’t combine the presents: It happens that parents try to plan a combined gift for their baby’s birthday, during Christmas. This mixing can make their day a little bit mixed up. Therefore, don’t combine the two presents. Remember to ask your families to do the same.
  1. Throw a special party: Birthdays are meant to be special. Therefore, plan a special party dedicated to your baby’s birthday. Use birthday appropriate decorations and food & beverages. Strictly no Christmas lighting, decorations, foods, and drink.
  1. Celebrate it a few weeks out: If the birthday overlaps with Christmas, you can celebrate it a few weeks out. Besides, some time to relax will make it more fun and less stressful. You will also be able to invite their friends over. More fun activities and games can be organised along with the celebration.
  1. Birthday Tree: In case, you decide to do the birthday a couple days around Christmas, decorate a birthday tree. This will work as an amazing decorative piece. You can add balloons, string streamers and birthday caps as ornaments. 

Even though your baby’s birthday is during the holiday season, you should make it special. Being around festivals should not make their special day less special. Make sure you keep the festivities separated from the birthday. Getting separate gifts and using different decorations will make the day really special. 
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