Christmas has always been the best of holidays. With a number of traditions associated with the day, it teaches us good values to live by. As a parent you would want your kid to grow up to be kind and caring. You can teach them these values with fun and celebration. Celebrating the Christmas spirit with your munchkin is the best way to do so. Here are some ideas on how to have that fun night. 

  1. Visit Santa: Jolly old Santa is associated with good values. This is because he gives gifts to those who are less fortunate and who are good kids. Visiting Santa will make your kid believe that their good will always be rewarded, thus it’ll motivate them to keep doing good. Also most kids react in a hilarious manner. You can capture those moments to add to your collection.
  1. Bake cookies: Kids have a sweet tooth. Cookies and kids go hand in hand. Also cookies are associated with Christmas. Therefore, you can bake cookies with your family. We all know sharing is caring, you can send some of those cookies to your neighbor or to someone who is unable to make it for themselves.
  1. Sponsor a child: There are kids and families out there who don’t have enough resources to celebrate the holidays. You can organize a donation drive, or can buy gifts for them on your own. It’ll be a fun time visiting those kids and their families. You will get joy and your kids will learn some values.
  1. Read books: Books are the best invention of mankind. They teach us so many values and improve our learning ability. Get your family to sit together and read those holiday classics. It will be a good bonding time alongside acquiring values.
  1. Holiday movie marathon: If your munchkin is too young to understand the book you are reading you can do a movie marathon instead. Or you can do both. Movies add visuals to the story. This helps learning faster and also adds to the fun with those songs and dances.
  1. Pickle ornament: A German tradition known as Weihnachtsgurke, is about hiding a pickle shaped ornament in the tree. It is said that the kid who finds it first will have good luck throughout the year. Besides, the kid gets to pick their present first. It is a fun and quirky tradition. 
  1. Matching Pajamas for Christmas Eve: It is one of the oldest traditions associated with Christmas. You and your family can wear matching pajamas for the eve. Also make sure to order them beforehand so you receive them on time. This is also the cutest tradition for morning pictures. 
  1. Christmas Sweater Party: Many families follow the tradition of ugly cute christmas sweater parties. The whole family gets together under one roof wearing matching sweaters and celebrates the holiday together. It is a good way to get along with each other as a family. It is one of the best parts of Christmas.

There are many other ways you can enjoy your Christmas holidays with the kids. You go caroling and can make gingerbread houses. There are theaters that organize plays based on Christmas, like ‘The Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Nutcracker’. If you are short on places to shop for Christmas gifts for your baby you can visit our online store. We have a huge variety of kids and maternity wear. 

If you have a tradition in mind that you like to celebrate during the family fun night, comment it down below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!