Christmas is the happiest time of the year. Bright and shiny lights, unique ornaments, Christmas cookies and our jolly old Santa. Are we missing something? Oh yes! Your cute little munchkin. All these things combined make the celebration cute and cozy. A festival this big needs to be celebrated specially and must be made significant for your little one. After all, it’s all about memories and cute moments of childhood. Here are some ways to make your little one’s first Christmas special.

  1. Decorate the tree together: Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas. Decorating it with ornaments, lights and putting the star are fun to do with kids. Make sure to be careful and not to leave your munchkin unattended around the ornaments. You can also start adding a unique ornament each year to add up to the chest of memories.
  1. Create an Advent Calendar or Countdown Jar: Over the years, advent calendars have gained popularity. You can make them up with little gifts for your baby. With a countdown jar, you can add a list of activities to the slip like, making cookies, watching a Christmas movie or going outside for some fun activities.
  1. Preserve your baby’s hand & foot prints: The print of their cute little hands and feet will add to the memoir of your baby’s first Christmas. You can frame it and use it as a decoration. Though it is not the easiest to get your baby to do it, it sure is a great way to make the festivities special. To avoid the chaos, we suggest you do it while your munchkin sleeps.
  1. Visit Santa: How can we miss our old jolly Santa? Make sure to take your baby to see Santa Claus. Your munchkin might wail in the old man’s arm, but make sure you get a picture. It’ll be hilarious to show it to them once they grow up. We definitely need some embarrassing childhood pictures to show their friends.
  1. Decorate your munchkin’s nursery: It’s the place where they spend almost all of their time. Make a tradition to decorate your baby’s nursery with lights and ornaments. You can also add Christmas toys and use winter themed bedding and rugs to make the look more Christmas-y. 
  1. Do a photoshoot: Throughout the month of December, you will get hundreds of opportunities to click pictures of your munchkin. They can be as simple as them in Christmas themed pajamas or around the fairy lights to as extravagant as being under the tree in a gift box. Every moment will be unique and picture perfect.
  1. Hang their first stocking: Stockings are one of those traditional Christmas elements you shouldn’t miss. Find a cute, little stocking for your baby. You can also use it as a prop for their Christmas photoshoot.
  1. Get a perfect gift for your baby: Christmas spirit is all about giving and receiving love and gifts are a way to show love. Start looking for a perfect gift for your munchkin. It can be a sweater or a stuffed toy. You can also buy them something musical. 
  1. Get a cute ugly Christmas sweater: How can it be Christmas without those cute ugly Christmas sweaters? The fun of Christmas is dressing up in matching pairs. There are tons of options available in the market and we are sure you’ll find one that matches perfectly with your family.
  1. Put a Christmas time capsule: After all the festivities are done, make a Christmas time capsule. Get a keepsake box and put together little memoirs from your munchkin’s first Christmas celebration. Add photos, ornaments, Christmas stars, those sweaters and a slice of the wood from their first Christmas tree. 

These are some of the ways which make this holiday season special and unforgettable. Keep the time capsule for when your baby reaches their teens. These Christmas memories will go a long way and become great tales you share each holiday season with your family.

If you have any ideas to make the holidays more special, write them down in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!