Parents are always excited to celebrate their baby’s first festivals. Christmas is no different. The excitement levels are high and expectations are on another level. Parents get all prepared with decorations, gifts and a camera to capture their baby’s first Christmas. Here are a few things you must keep in mind to get ready for your little one’s first Christmas.

  1. Plan the traditions beforehand: There are a bunch of Christmas traditions and each one is pretty special. All of them take time and preparation that needs to be done beforehand. With your little munchkin, it’ll be hard to make things possible at the last minute. Also, making a list helps narrow down the work.
  1. Order the outfits at least 6 weeks prior: December can be the busiest of all months considering two major festivals of the year. A whole lot of people are out there buying their Christmas outfits. If you don’t order yours well in advance, there are high chances you’ll not have those cute ugly sweaters for Christmas Eve.
  1. Stay relaxed: Stress, festival and babies are not a good combination. Keeping your cool is important during times like these. If you need to, cut down on some traditions. Keep everything simple and don’t do anything extravagant. You being stressed and worried will make your baby cranky. They can sense when their mother is stressed.
  1. Plan a place for your munchkin to sleep: Sleep is really important for a baby. If they have to go for long hours without a peaceful nap they’ll start getting angry and will cry. If you are having guests over or are visiting someone look out for a place where your baby can sleep undisturbed. This will also give you time to enjoy yourself.
  1. Lower your expectations: Social media paints picture perfect ideas of holidays for new moms. But it is far from perfect. Expecting a perfect photoshoot or the celebration to go well is good. But it is necessary that you lower your expectations a little. With your baby in the picture, you don’t know if they’ll get cranky during dinner or cry when everyone’s opening their presents. 

Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind, we hope you do the planning perfectly. Just know that every moment with your baby is special. If you couldn’t get that photoshoot in, you can also do a time capsule with your baby’s firsts. Remember to say no to things that might be a lot for you. It’s time for you to enjoy your baby, not overburden yourself. Stay relaxed and sneak in naps to keep yourself from being tired. 

Merry Christmas!