Being a mother is a wonderful experience. It takes you through a lot of amazing events from the moment you know that you are expecting. In no time you get to master loads of skills, from being a nutritionist for your baby to turning into an interior designer for their nursery. 

Now if you are expecting for the second time, decorating the nursery will be an even more daunting task. Given below are some ways you can make the nursery look all refreshed and ready for your baby.

  1. Freshen up the walls: Every color has a psychological effect on humans. You can choose from a range of colors that you think will be the best for the nursery. We prefer you go for some light shade as it helps keep the baby calm. Other than painting the wall, you can add wall hangings, stickers or photos to make it look more baby friendly. If you’re worried about stickers being not a great choice, you can go for wallpaper. You can also switch solid framed mirrors with reflective stickers. This will also reduce any chance of accidents.
  1. New bed for new occupant: A crib is the most essential furniture in a nursery. You can repaint or decorate the old one if it’s in perfect condition. On the other hand, you can buy a new one for your bundle of joy. This will also be a great idea in case your older baby doesn’t want to leave their bed just yet. In case you are repainting the crib, you can match it with the theme of the room. Paint it a shade brighter, or try adding a canopy for a change.
  1. Accessorize: Adding different decorations to the room changes the whole interior. You can add plants, macrame wall hangings, props that suit a particular theme, rugs, mirrors and so on. If both the babies share the room, make sure you ask your older baby about their theme preference or go for something neutral and kid-friendly. For example, deciding on a boho theme will make the nursery more cozy and welcoming.

Now there are chances that the theme of interior that you liked earlier may not suit your likings postpartum. Here’s what you can do in that case.

  • Keep the shades neutral: If you are painting the walls or opting for wallpaper, try to keep the colors and theme neutral. Choose shades with a cozy feel. For example, beige or cream in paints, or a geometric or floral wallpaper with pastel shades.
  • Don’t crowd the walls: It may happen that in the excitement of adding accessories and then putting on a wallpaper the walls may become all crowded. Avoid that. Either accessories or decorate with wallpaper or stickers.
  • Cozy and comfy: The brighter the room, the more you risk getting bored of it quickly. Therefore try to make it cozy and comfortable. Add in furniture like a recliner for late night feeding sessions and a rug as babies like to play more on the floor.
  • Is it of any use? Most of the time you add furniture in the nursery that may not be of any use. For example, too many dressers. Before adding any piece of furniture make sure that it will be used and is not just for show. The more space you leave for movement, the better it will be.

We hope you enjoy the whole process of redecorating the nursery. And in case you are looking for baby essentials and baby gear, you should try our online store

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