A mother’s bond with her baby is more primal as she carries her baby in her womb for nine months. She gives form to its body and then breastfeeds the baby to nourish it. The bond that’s created throughout that process is unmatched to any other bond in this world. With fathers it is a little different. It takes a little bit more effort to establish a bond with their baby. As they have not carried the baby for nine months it needs time and many attempts to create a concrete bond. 

The key to making a connection with your baby is loads of effort. There are many things that are to be done before you start to feel that connection. This may sound a lot of work but these efforts are made up of minute steps. Given below are some basic and the easiest ways by which you can achieve it.

  1. Communicate. A lot! It is a fact known to the world that communication is the key to a good and strong relationship. Kids love to chatter. Meanwhile the baby loves to listen and respond with their adorable smiles or coos. You talking to them will help them learn to speak and it will also be a great way to bond.
  1. Bond over chores: Just like people develop a good bond and understanding of each other over work, you can bond with your junior over chores. Simple chores like folding laundry together, dusting, putting away toys or books is a great way of bonding. If your little one is not so little you can even cook a meal together.
  1. Eating together or feeding: Eating together provides an easy way to bond. It gives you time to share with them about your day. Meanwhile, feeding a baby helps them build trust in you. It will also help them develop good table manners and family values.
  1. Go camping: Being outdoors and alone with your kid makes up for an amazing way you spend time together. It not only acts as a bonding time but also helps them learn teamwork. You will get alone time which also aids to chattering away and telling them all those amazing experiences you had as a kid.
  1. Teaching Skills: When it comes to teaching your kid skills it does not necessarily have to be lessons on fixing a car or a leak. You can teach them how to play games like football, catch, or monopoly. If you know how to play an instrument, you can go for that too.
  1. Participate in their life: This is not about being present when they are born or when they go for getting vaccinations. This participation means being there for a special event in their life, like some fancy dress competition or sports day. Be their biggest supporter, obviously for good things. 
  1. Read together: or visit anywhere that relates to something creative or artistic like an art gallery or a drama. They will learn a lot from you and you will get to know the wonders of their imagination. This will also be a way for them to stay away from the screen.
  1. Start a family tradition: Don’t forget to stick to it. This tradition can be a movie night on weekends or cooking time or going out for picnics. This will go a long way and is also a creative way for you and them to spend time together.

The bond between a mother and her baby is created throughout the years of nurturing and nursing the baby. Even though it is a little different than that for fathers it does not, in any way, mean that they are less important. Research shows that the presence of a father in a child’s life plays a great and important role in what they grow up to be.

Boys learn their behaviour from their fathers. The way a man acts or reacts towards anything serves as an example to their baby boy. Meanwhile, girls grow up to look for and bond with men that have more characteristics like their fathers. 

Therefore, it is said that fatherhood is not just about providing the best for kids, but it is also about how you shape yourself into your best versions so that your baby grows up looking at a great example of being human. This bonding time may take loads of effort and time but in the end it’ll be worth the effort. You may feel that every now and then your baby looks for their mother, but over a period of time they will grow into that bond between you and them. 

Happy bonding!