Festivals are the most joyful time of the year, but it is also the time when things can get a little stressful. Among other things, taking care of the safety of your child becomes your top priority. But children can easily ‘get lost’ in the crowd of the malls and shopping centers. The hustle and bustle may prove a barrier in helping you keep a tab on your child’s activity when you go out with them. 

In between all the planning, shopping and the haste to make this festive season special, you may feel overwhelmed by the fact that all the planning can turn into a big disaster. We understand your concern, therefore, to keep you a little less stressed we have a few tips here to help you out.

  1. Under any circumstances, don’t let your kid get out of your sight. Festive season is the time when you will find a lot of crowd at the shopping centers. With a big list of items to shop for, you may think that letting your kid roam the aisle will buy you time to get done with the shopping faster. But, that might result in them being lost. 
  1. Before leaving your house, make some ground rules for your kids to follow. These rules might make them feel irritated, but you need to make sure that they remember everything you tell them. Tell them about it as if it is a game. You can say that you are going ona spy mission and to not get caught by the villain you both need to be close to each other at all times. This will make the rule fun and they will enjoy it more.
  1. It may happen that you somehow get separated from each other due to the pushing and pulling in the crowd or they wander off to some other shop. In that case, make sure your kid knows beforehand that if they are lost they don’t leave the mall or the shopping center. Make them believe that you will not leave them behind and if someone offers help or says that you are outside waiting for them, do not trust that person.
  1. Dressing in bright and quirky kids’ wear will make it easy for you to spot your child. Choose colors that are loud, you can even try neons. Just make sure that in a room full of a hundred people your child shines the brightest, pun intended. Also, remember to not forget what your kid is wearing. The excitement and workload may make it tough to remember, but dressing them brightly won’t be of any use if you don’t remember what they are wearing.
  1. If you plan on leaving your child at home, do so with a trusted person. By a trusted person we mean family member, not a nanny, or maid. Provide your kid with the details on when you will be back home and how they can contact you. Let the person in-charge know about it too. And make sure they know that they can contact you at any point of time. 
Happy family elderly man and little boy smiling r while sitting on couch and reading fascinating fairy tale together at home

With these trips under your sleeve, it will be super easy for you to get through the outdoor shopping part of the festive season. And in case, you are planning to cancel your shopping spree, and going to malls, you can sit home and try out this online store. Treat yourself and your baby with presents while you sit back and relax.