Being pregnant is a festival in itself. You get all the attention, care and love in the world. You celebrate every moment big or small. But what happens when it’s the festive season? All the celebration, pomp and show, the feast and a whole lot of people visiting. It gets hectic and when you are pregnant you get even more tired. Carrying a baby is not an easy job and on top of that, you would not want to sit in a corner while everyone does their part in the festivities. To help you with that, here are some ways you can enjoy the festive season as mommy-to-be.

  1. Cut down on your desires: We know how much you crave being a part of the festivities by helping everyone with all the festive preparations. But now that you got your sweet pea growing in you, you should cut down on a few festive goals this year. Instead, you can work on yourself, by starting a skincare routine or by doing an exercise or taking up a simple and less stressful activity.
  1. Eat throughout the day in small portions: All those sweets and delicacies tend to make you drool, but taking care of your diet is supremely important. So, taste everything but not all at once. Eat small portions. Keep hydrating yourself with different drinks.
  1. Take rest: Festivals are tiring and your body needs rest. Cuddle up with your pregnancy pillow and take a short nap. It’ll boost your mood and will keep you healthy and less stressed. When you wake up after that lovely nap you’ll be refreshed and will be able to work at maximum efficiency.
  1. Shop online: Shopping in itself is tiring and when you are preparing for a festival it will be a lot more tiresome. But you can shop online to save yourself that extra dose of energy. This way you’ll be able to contribute towards the festive season while being safe at your home. Not to forget you’ll be able to cash on those fabulous promotional offers while shopping in an online store
  1. Help packing gifts: Packing gifts is the ultimate mood booster. You’ll feel included in the preparation while not overworking yourself. You can even help everyone select presents for others. A woman’s advice on gifting is a blessing for anyone confused. Plus gifts are the most exciting part of the festive season.
  1. Look for tips from your mother: No one can tell you how to be a mom but some advice from someone who’s been there surely helps. Just talk, share your thoughts and feelings with her. Most importantly, share your doubts, on the whole, being a mother thing. It’ll help you with the stress and anxiety of being a parent soon.

We hope you feel involved and will get to enjoy this festive season with these tips. And while you are relaxing, read some books or watch a movie or look up some parenting tips on blogs or listen to some good motherhood or parenting podcasts. Look up some online stores and prepare for your little one’s arrival. Shop baby essentials and get yourself maternity care essentials, and in between everything don’t forget to enjoy yourself.