Festive season is close and all of us are in festive spirits. This festive season is going to be a milestone in you and your baby’s life, after all it’s their first festive season. We are sure you want it to be memorable and special. And what’s better than photographs to store memories? Also, you can look at those photographs and tell stories about your child’s cute moments to them and their friends once they grow up. 

Hold on tight, because we brought you some tips and tricks for your baby’s photoshoot during this festive season.

  1. Your Bundle in a Basket: Swaddle your baby and put your bundle of joy in a basket full of flowers. This will work wonderfully if your little one is asleep. Use seasonal flowers and for a change you can use fallen leaves as it’s autumn season and it’ll give an aesthetic look.
  1. Floral Rangoli: Rangoli is one of the fun aspects of Indian festivals. But you can’t use colors here. Use a variety of flowers and make a big rangoli and put your munchkin in the centre. The pictures are going to turn out lovely.
  1. Playing with Flowers: Babies are little angels and what’s better than them playing with flowers? Give them a bunch of flowers and let them play while you capture the candids. 
  1. With Fairy Lights: Arrange a bunch of fairy lights in any cute shape. You can use the ones with different colors too and put your bundle of joy in between. Or, you can put some of those lights around your sweet pea to click all the shiny pictures. But make sure they are sleeping while you use this method!
  1. Dressed up in Indian wear: Watching your little munchkin in a dhoti kurta or lehenga choli will make your heart flutter with happiness. Buy them those cute outfits and get them clicked to secure that memory.
  1. With Grandparents: Kids love Grandparents and grandparents love the little ones. Make sure you try this idea as you will love how it’ll turn out. Also remember that candids are always better!
  1. Put your baby in a gift box! Your baby is a blessing for you, so why not put them in a gift box? Click their pictures while they try to crawl out of that box!
  1. Santa Hat: The bigger the better. Put an oversized hat on your little one’s head, while being careful not to cover their head with it. And you got another cute picture idea ready! 
  1. Put them in a big stocking: This works best while your munchkin sleeps or else they are gonna try and get out of that stocking! It can be of any colour and we are sure that you’ll love the results.

With these ideas up your sleeve, you’ll be creating loads of memories! And childhood is all about memories. Enjoy the festivals and buy your munchkin loads of baby clothing. In the meantime don’t forget to get something for yourself too! Also, try this online store to avoid going out in the crowd to shop for your little one.