Parents are gifted enough baby stuff to last them even after the baby has grown up. They get a big pile of baby essentials ranging from clothes to toys. You might want to be a little creative with what you want to give the new mom-to-be. While buying them something, try to get a new mother something that connects her to her pre-mom self while helping her relax and lessen her stress. On the other hand, be thoughtful with gifts for an expecting mother and give her something more focused on comfort.

We have created a list of items that are creative, thoughtful and will prove helpful for a new mother or a mommy-to-be.

For Mom-soon: The whole journey to become a mother is a difficult one. She will be going through extreme changes in her mood to her body. In times like these, a gift that is meant only for her will make her feel special, cared for and immensely happy. You can gift her:

  • A maternity dress, in a bright colour, to lift her mood and it’ll also be comfortable for her to wear
  • Shoes, like clogs and slip-ons, will keep her feet well rested and will also be a gesture of care 
  • Massage oils, as pregnancy takes a toll on her back and getting her massage oils will help her ease that pain
  • A pregnancy pillow, is a godsend gift for an expecting mother that would really help her sleep better
  • Aromatic oils like lavender oil will help her relax when she feels low 
  • Weighted blanket or gravity blanket to help her sleep better at night

For a new mother: Now that the baby is born, everyone will bring gifts for them from clothes to toys, so you take an initiative and bring her something that is for her and that she will love.

  • Amazon Kindle, if she is a book worm and loves to read, gift her a Kindle and she’ll be ecstatic
  • Body massager and massage oil, to help her release all that pain from sitting and feeding the baby at night or rocking the baby in her arms all night
  • Haircare treatment: As extensive hair fall is one of the after-effects of pregnancy, bringing something like that to her will make her feel loved
  • Flavoured tea and mug, gift her chamomile tea or lavender tea and she’ll be over the moon as it’ll help her stay fresh after long nights of taking care of her baby
  • Instant Camera, to click candids of her little one and to help her keep the memories of her munchkin’s childhood

Other than these you can bring her a pendant, a pyjama set, eye mask, and gift cards for spa or body massage centres. All these things will make her feel special and she will know that people care for her too.

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Happy gifting!