Being a mom brings a lot of changes in a woman’s life. These changes range from the clothes to moods to eating habits. During the first trimester, your body remains the same as the baby bump is not visible, but as soon as it starts becoming visible your old clothes will not fit you anymore. 

Winter is at your doorsteps, loose, oversized clothes might work for summers but what now? What you need are clothes that match your style and keep you warm. Here are some maternity winter clothing listed below:

  1. Cardigans: Cardigans are the first choice of most expecting mothers. They love it because it keeps them warm while being stylish as well as being adjustable to their growing baby bump. Try out cardigans in different patterns, and styles. You can even ask your mother to knit you one. The warmth will make you comfy and cosy throughout the winters.
  1. Maternity Coats: A little extra space is what these coats provide you for your baby bump. These can be worn while you go out for a walk, dinner or anywhere outside. Style them with maternity jeans and tops and you are good to go. Also, these are not just for a few months, once you have your little munchkin in your arms you can put them in a baby carrier and wear this coat on top.
  1. Woollen dress: Well, the name says it all. Woollen dresses can be your go-to outfit. You can pair them with woollen stockings to keep your feet warm. Try them in bright colours so that they keep your mood bright and happy while providing you warmth and comfort.
  1. Denim Jackets: These will be perfect for you during mild winters. You can pair them with almost anything, from jeans tops to maternity dresses. These bring in warmth making you look stylish and even flaunt your baby bump!
  1. Sweatpants: The ultimate loungewear. These are so comfortable we guarantee you’ll never want to wear anything else ever again. Buy a matching pair or you can pair sweatshirts with your favorite jeans if it is too cold wear your maternity top underneath. The warmth and coziness will make it your favorite too!

Being a mother should never be the reason for you to change your style. If you are procrastinating going shopping, check out this online store. You’ll get your clothes delivered to your doorstep and will not need to leave your house. Keep in mind that style matters but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing something don’t try to squeeze yourself into it. Pick up your bags or laptop and go get those winter clothes for yourself.