Congratulations! Your baby is on board. This means you need to prepare everything for the newest member of the family. You are going to step into the world of motherhood. Worrying about if everything is perfect and baby-friendly will be the activity that takes up most of your time, well, after taking care of your little one, of course. Is the bed perfect for your sweet pea? Are the toys made of the best quality materials? Is this fabric good for my munchkin’s skin? So many more things that you will have to think of. We can see that stress bubbling up.

Worry not! We got you! Below are the ways for you to prepare your house for your munchkin’s arrival. We have covered all aspects from bedding to travelling. Read along to know more.

Clothing: Baby clothing is the most important thing you need for the arrival of your sweet pea. You can shop beforehand for them, but shop for the kinds of clothes that fit both girls and boys. We mean that you would surely enjoy telling your child once they grow up how you bought the opposite gender’s clothes for them, but in case you don’t want that, go for the gender-neutral ones.

  • Onesies
  • Bodysuits
  • T-shirts, with cartoon prints or animal prints
  • Shorts
  • Socks with a character print or animal print, and so on

The fabric should be cotton or linen as it is good on a newborn’s skin. Avoid any kind of decoratives that can come off easily. Make sure to not go for any dark colours as they are hard dyes and not good for your munchkin’s skin.

Bedding: The place where your little one will nap peacefully. Your baby will grow at a faster pace during the first few months after birth. Your baby bedding should be adjustable to let them sleep peacefully. The mattress should not be hard. The bed sheets made of cotton are the best. This is because they don’t heat up too much and are soft on the skin. Other than that you can buy a mattress protector. It goes a long way because you never know when the diaper leaks. To be double sure, buy two mattresses. Avoid the use of a pillow. Buy cotton swaddles, to avoid them overheating and being uncomfortable in sleep.

  • Avoid any covering on your baby’s bed
  • No beady or any small decorations
  • Avoid too many stuff toys on the bed
  • The edges should have some kind of barrier to avoid your sweet pea crawling out of bed when you aren’t around

Toys: Baby’s love anything that makes a sound. Like squeaky toys or the ones that run on batteries and a song plays on them. Avoid buying stuffed toys until the age of one year. Your little munchkin will be teething and will love something to chew on. Buy them loads of chu-chu rubber toys. Just make sure that the rubber is of high quality. In case you buy the battery-operated toys, be sure that they play with them when you are around. Don’t buy anything small enough for them to swallow easily. Baby toys are supposed to be made of high-quality material, ensure that and you are good to go.

Travelling: You might need to travel with your little one. In that case, get a baby car seat. Other than that, get a diaper bag. There are different kinds of diaper bags available in the market. You will also need a swaddle and in case you want to go strolling with your little one, buy a baby stroller. If you want to carry your sweet pea in your arms you can go for a baby carrier.

With these essentials, your house will be baby ready by the time you’ll bring your sweet pea home. You can shop for your little one and yourself online by visiting this online store where they design everything for the baby and mother. Another thing that will make your house much more baby-friendly is a potty seat once you want to start potty training them. Get yourself a recliner or a rocking chair for breastfeeding sessions, they will help you relax and you’ll not have to sit in uncomfortable positions. Babies are little explorers and they are always curious about everything.

To make your place safe for your little one:

  • Put away all kinds of sharp objects out of their reach.
  • Anything breakable must be kept out of their reach.
  • Low switchboards should be removed
  • Similarly, no wires should be left hanging around.
  • Keep all kinds of medicine out of their reach.
  • Extra care should be taken when you put them on a clothing table to prevent them from falling
  • Always swaddle them when putting them to sleep
  • No bending over while you carry your sweet pea in a carrier
  • Pay close attention when they are in a baby swing

Now you got it all covered. Remember to enjoy your journey as a mother and try to worry less. You are going to be a perfect parent. And in times when you need confirmation, talk to your mother or mother-in-law. Consult your doctor, ask questions and eat healthily.