Babies are all fun to play with. They laugh and giggle and they can make you do anything for them with their charming smile. All you want is to be around them and play with them all the time. Wait. Play? But what can you play with them without getting everything messy? Building blocks? The blocks will be sticking in all directions. Colouring book? Colours on the floor and extra colourful walls. Play dough? Crumbs of dough sticking on the floor.

There is nearly nothing that you can do with a baby without it turning messy. Well, that’s what everyone thinks. We have brought you a list of activities that you can enjoy with your little one without causing a mess.

Puzzles: Puzzles are a creative way to occupy your little one and are also something that you can enjoy along with them. Kids love putting pieces together and when they can make something out of it, their smile is heart-melting.

Jewellery making: As long as you are around your sweet pea and can keep a close eye on them, DIY jewellery is a fun thing to do. You can make it out of colourful cereal or pasta. They will love the outcome and there will be no mess.

Stickers: Not full of creativity, but kids love how these work. Provide your munchkin with stickers and they’ll keep working on them on their own. But be careful and make sure that the glue on them is non-toxic.

Reading or Storytelling: Both of these are really fun when you do it with your little one. It amazes them how something as magical as Cinderella can happen or how Christopher Robin was allowed to explore Thousand-acre woods with Winnie the pooh.

Decorating Cardboard boxes: Those big boxes in your attic will now be handy. Cut shapes out of cardboard to make a cardboard box plane or train the night before and the next day you can join the pieces together with your baby. They will enjoy their time doing it.

Blanket Fort: Blanket forts are loved by everyone, child or adult. Clear the space in your drawing room area, and with the help of pillows and blankets make a fort. You can read stories inside that fort. But be with your munchkin when they are inside their castle, just in case it breaks down.

Now that you have the list, go enjoy your non-messy playtime with your little one. It’s the best time for you to bond with them. You will get a deeper look into their imagination and see how much their little brains can work into weaving beautiful tales. The bonus will be that your surroundings will be mess-free and you’ll not have to do any kind of cleaning afterwards.