Your baby’s learning and development occur at its maximum pace during the initial months of their birth. They learn to speak in a cute voice and they learn to crawl and walk. They start calling you ‘mama’ or ‘ma’ and they learn to convey their needs to you by actions or sometimes by calling you out. Teaching a baby something is just the same as writing something on a blank piece of paper. 

As a mother, we understand how important it is for you to provide as much knowledge to your child as you can, so they learn well. It’s a hard nut to crack considering that being a mother comes with so many other responsibilities too. Your little one loves toys, so you should buy them the ones that help them learn. There are numerous toys to enhance your baby’s learning and development. Read along to find out more:

  1. Musical instruments and Toys: Babies react to sounds because it’s something they are able to listen to while still in the womb. Musical instruments and toys are the best way to help enhance your baby’s speaking and hearing skills. These work the same way as when you speak to your baby. 
  1. Building blocks: Stacking up things and being able to build something will provide your little one with a sense of accomplishment. They’ll be using their intelligence at its full capacity. When they’ll be unable to piece the blocks together they’ll think harder and learn what goes with what.
  1. Jigsaw puzzles: We are not asking you to get them all complicated ones. Start with the easiest and simplest ones like fitting numbers in a board or fruits or alphabets and shapes. Anything as simple as those will work wonders with your baby’s learning. They’ll soon learn to differentiate between shapes and fruits. These puzzles will help in developing their problem-solving skills.
  1. Craft toys: Babies love bright colours. These bright colours bring out the curiosity in them. Colouring and playing with colourful clay dough help in developing their creativity and fine motor skills. You will be amazed at how much your little one will create with that stuff and will love it.
  1. Connecting toys: These kinds of toys challenge your munchkin’s IQ and imagination. Your child will learn to stay focused and their concentration power will increase. These will also promote problem-solving skill development in your little one. Other than that their memory will enhance.

All these toys come in various shapes and sizes. We suggest you or an adult be around with your sweet pea while they play with these toys. We want your baby to be safe while they learn. Small pieces are easy to swallow and out of curiosity your little one might eat play dough, therefore to prevent any such incident, adult supervision is recommended. Other than toys and games, you can read to your little ones and sing to them. This will help them develop their speaking. Take them for a walk in your garden or anywhere outdoors it will also support brain development in your little one. 

Just remember that someone else’s child’s milestones are not your child’s milestones. Every baby learns differently and at different paces. Don’t be pushy if your sweet pea is unable to do something, show them how to instead. Celebrate when they are able to do something even as small as putting two blocks together. It is also a way to promote learning and development in your munchkin.