Pregnancy is a magical time, a monumental milestone in every woman’s life. However, it has its own set of challenges that go beyond dealing with morning sickness. Most expecting women experience back pains, swollen ankles, mood swings, etc.

You will have days when just going through the day will seem like a giant task due to nausea, sensitive nipples, cramps, and worrying about your changing body. But, fret not! No matter what challenges you’re facing in your pregnancy, these simple hacks that we have collated for you will help ensure a smooth pregnancy. They will help you cope with all these changes and prepare you for the arrival of your little munchkin.

Read ahead to know what they are: 

  1. Keep your meals small 

Instead of eating three large meals, try to have smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. Empty stomachs are home to nausea and gas. To avoid that, have small, more frequent meals to keep your tummy feeling full.

  1. Increase salt-intake

It’s better to keep munching on salty snacks in between meals. The sodium bicarbonate present in these salted snacks will help reduce acidity and uneasiness and will keep nausea at bay. 

  1. Avoid oily and spicy foods

Foods that have higher oil content or are too spicy can cause acidity, gas, and uneasiness in the stomach. That will end up worsening the morning sickness. Try to avoid these foods at all costs.

  1. Keep away from the strong smells

The majority of women are super sensitive to strong smells throughout their pregnancies. Try to keep away from them as much as possible so you don’t end up running to the bathroom to throw up too often. If possible, keep a bar of your favourite soap handy with you and smell it or anything that has a better fragrance when you feel another bout of vomit coming up.

  1. Bring home a tailbone cushion

A circular tailbone cushion will help to relieve the pressure, offer much-needed support and will help reduce sciatic pain.

  1. Get a pregnancy pillow

As your belly continues to grow in size, it will need something to support its weight. A pregnancy pillow also helps alleviate back pains and helps you find comfortable positions to sleep in. 

  1. Use tonic water to heal swollen feet

Most women get swollen feet during pregnancy and it’s not something that can’t be tackled. Soak your feet in a tub filled with tonic water for about 20 minutes and then clean them off with a wet towel. 

  1. Practice prenatal yoga

Several asanas are recommended for expecting mothers. Practising prenatal yoga will strengthen your body, boost flexibility which is required to prepare you for labour. It also helps to alleviate insomnia, nausea, back pains, etc. 

Pregnancy is a life-altering experience, but one that has its ups and downs. Stay calm, implement the hacks mentioned above, only if they suit your needs and body. Stay in touch with your doctor, get plenty of rest, sleep, and exercise, maintain a healthy diet. Stay strong and get ready for the best thing to happen to you since you first found out you were pregnant: the birth of your baby.