During the initial days, you’ll want to spend every waking moment with your little one, watching them sleep, feeding them, bathing them, talking to them, reading to them, and a lot more. 

This phase of their life is the best time for any parent to bond with their baby. As a parent, you already know that in between their nap times, babies need to be entertained a lot. What better way than playing games with them to bond with your little one, make the most of this time, and keep them entertained all at the same time?

Yes, you got that right. Playing fun games with your little ones is a great way to strengthen your bond and make them smile, and cherish these early days because time flies really fast. Before you know it, you’d be taking them to their first day of school.

Read ahead for some great games that you can play with your little bundle of joy:

  1. Monkey see, Monkey do:

Sit close to your little one and start imitating everything they do. If they make a gesture of rubbing their eyes, you do the same. If they giggle, you giggle. Soon, you’ll notice that they will begin to imitate you too. 

  1. Show and tell:

All you have to do is grab a toy, or any safe home object and hold it out for your little one to see. Describe that object, its texture, its colour, what it looks like, and its shape. Make your baby feel that object and turn this game into a fun learning experience.

  1. Clappy clap:

Clap your baby’s hands together and once you do that, smile at them, give them a kiss on the head and laugh. Pretty soon, your little one will learn that if they clap, they can get your attention or make you smile. This game is good for bonding with your baby.

  1. Roll the ball:

A squishy ball can be a great toy for your baby. All you have to do is roll the ball towards your baby and encourage them to reach for it. Once they grab hold of it, gesture them to roll it back towards you. 

  1. Tummy time:

While this isn’t really a game, it’s a fun way of helping strengthen your baby’s back and neck muscles. Make your baby lay down on their tummy and try to keep them busy and engaged in a way that makes them crane their neck to look up at you. You can make funny faces, or talk to them.

  1. Rattle, roll, and shake:

Take empty bottles, preferably plastic, and fill them up with different things like rice, buttons, coloured water, etc. Make sure the lids are shut tight for safety. Your baby will thoroughly enjoy watching these bottles roll away on the ground, watching you shake them and listening to the interesting sounds they make.

  1. Peek-a-boo:

This one’s a popular game among babies and it’s the easiest one to play. All you have to do is hide your face with your hands and abruptly remove your hands saying peek-a-boo and watch your baby giggle away. You can even play this game while feeding them, bathing them, changing their diapers, etc.
Play these fun games and enjoy watching your little ones have the time of their lives. Visit the Hamleys section on Mothercare Online to browse through a variety of toys to make playtime more fun for you and your baby.