Motherhood is doubtlessly a tiring job right from the get-go. Aside from focusing on your daily tasks, you have to now focus on your baby. In the first few months, your baby will require a lot more love and attention from you than you could have imagined. And, as much as you’d like to hold your baby in your arms and keep them entertained the whole day, chances are that after a point, you’ll be too exhausted to do that. 

With all the back pains and body changes that come with becoming a mother, carrying your baby around for most of the day, playing with them, and keeping them busy will only get more challenging. This is where baby bouncers and baby rockers come in to play. Most babies enjoy spending time in them and most parents swear by these two products as baby bouncers and rockers are lifesavers when it comes to soothing and entertaining your little one. 

Now, you may be wondering which one to go for. To make that choice easy for you, we have listed down the various ways in which they are different. We hope this comparison will help you decide what’s best for your little one.

Baby Rockers:

  1. What are they?

Baby rockers are a kind of fusion between a baby swing and a baby bouncer. If you’ve used or seen a rocking chair, then you’re already familiar with the concept of a baby rocker. They are designed to comfort and soothe a fussy baby, help them fall asleep while you’re getting other work done. They have rockers on the bottom and can be set in motion with a little nudge from you. 

  1. Why should you use baby rockers?
  • Baby rockers are more compact, in that, they take up less space.
  • They can be used right from birth till your baby is six months old.
  • The rocking motions of the rocker mimic the movements your baby felt in your womb and helps calm the baby down faster.
  • Rockers can move independently in a gentle back and forth motion which helps babies fall asleep.
  • Rockers allow you to add toy and sound attachments to keep your baby entertained while staying in a rocking motion.
  1. How to shop for baby rockers?
  • Ensure that the frame of the rocker is strong and sturdy as most of the functionality and credibility of the rocker depends on it
  • Purchase a rocker that comes with a wider base to avoid the chances of tipping over
  • Make sure the baby rocker has non-slip pads attached to the seat to keep your little one safe from slipping on to the floor.
  • Go for the rockers that come with vibrating seats, toy and music attachments to keep your baby happy and engaged while they enjoy the rocking motions.

Baby Bouncers:

  1. What are they?

To put it simply, bouncers are essentially seats on a frame that allows the baby to jump up and down. Designed for babies who need constant attention and assistance from their mommies, bouncers are one of the best products to buy to keep your baby entertained. Babies love playtime and bouncers can offer hours of just that. 

  1. Why should you use a baby bouncer?
  • You can use a baby bouncer until your baby turns 9 months old.
  • The features of a bouncer allow you to use it as a toddler chair beyond those 9 months.
  • Baby bouncers are very portable.
  • They are cheaper than baby rockers.
  • It can quickly calm down a fussy baby and make them giggle with joy as they jump up and down.
  • Using their arms and legs to jump in a bouncer teaches your baby about cause and effect.
  • Will help your baby learn how to walk without any support.
  • Baby bouncers come in various types and with various attachment options to keep your baby engaged for hours while you get work done.
  1. How to choose the right baby bouncer?
  • Do make sure you check the weight capacity of the baby bouncer before buying to avoid the risk of your baby getting hurt in case they exceed the weight limits.
  • Ensure that the materials used in the bouncers are of great quality to prevent your baby from skin infections, or rashes.
  • Buy a bouncer that comes with a detachable seat so that you can regularly wash it.
  • Go for a travel bouncer as they are light in weight, easily foldable and transportable, in case you plan to move around with your baby.

Are you still wondering which is better among the two? The truth is that there is no one right answer. You have to assess what works best for you and your little munchkin. For affordable, adorable, and super practical baby bouncers and rockers, head to Mothercare Online and check them out!