As a new parent, you will deal with a lot of messy moments, such as soiled diapers, burps and spits, spilling of food and formula, and so much more. No one understands the importance of a good baby bath than a parent. However, as good and refreshing as it sounds, getting your little one to take a bath is tricky business. A lot of babies take time getting used to baths and may end up making an even bigger mess. This is where baby bathtubs come into the picture.

Investing in a good baby bathtub will make your job a whole lot easier. Shopping for a good bathtub for your little one can be challenging as you may struggle with figuring out which ones are safe. There are several other questions that may occur to you, such as, is space a concern for you? Do you need a high-tech bathtub? Is temperature control required?

There are different types of tubs available in the market for you to choose from, each comes with its own set of features to fit your requirements.

Mentioned below are a few different types of baby bathtubs for you to examine and choose from:

  1. Standard Sink Tubs:

These tubs are designed especially for infants and are super convenient to use. They can fit in and/or over a bathroom or a kitchen sink. They are commonly made of mesh or foam and take up very little space in your storage as they are foldable. They are designed to allow your baby to sit in an upright position with back support. 

  1. Convertible Tubs:

These tubs are transitional in the way that they’re designed, that is, they grow with your baby. They can be used all the way from infancy till the time your baby becomes a toddler. They come with detachable infant inserts and adjustable positions. 

  1. Basin Tubs:

These tubs are made of plastic and are designed to offer flexibility in terms of the location of the bathtime. They can be placed on the bathroom counter, on the floor, on a table, in the garden, etc. 

  1. Inflatable Tubs:

As the name suggests, these tubs can be deflated to allow easy storage and can even be brought along while travelling for longer durations. However, the fact that you will have to inflate and deflate every time you use them can become a bit of a challenge. Hence, they’re mostly recommended for travel purposes only.

  1. Modern Luxury Tubs:

If you want to give your baby the best and most luxurious bath experience, these are the kind of tubs you should consider investing in. They come with a temperature display, water jets, shower nozzles, and much more. They run on batteries and are slightly more expensive than the other kinds. 

However, before you go shopping for the perfect tub for your little one, here are a few factors you should consider:

  1. Transformability: Your baby won’t be an infant for long. So, get a tub that will grow with your little one to get longer use out of it.
  2. Support: The tub should offer safe and sufficient support to your baby’s back and head.
  3. Portability: If you’re looking for flexibility regarding where to bathe your baby, get a tub that can be placed anywhere.
  4. Safety: Ensure that the tub offers an anti-slip surface to avoid injuries and accidents.
  5. Comfort: Purchase a tub that is both comfortable for you to use and for the baby to bathe in.

Whichever tub you go for, make sure that you don’t leave your baby unattended in the tub for even a moment. Always have your hand supporting their head as infants can’t hold their heads up without assistance. Get a tub that fits your requirements and watch your baby splash away and enjoy their bath time!