There’s nothing as soft, gentle, and delicate as the skin of a baby. However, as perfect as it may appear, baby skin is very sensitive. Their skin is susceptible to conditions like humidity, change in temperatures, rashes, and allergies, especially in the initial months after birth. Caring for a baby’s skin, therefore, requires more attention than expected. 

Adopting healthy skincare practices for your baby at this stage will ensure that they will have beautiful and well-nourished skin all their lives. As new parents, it’s recommended you look after your baby’s fragile skin with extra care. To help navigate your baby’s skincare routine, we have listed some super helpful baby skincare hacks for you to follow:

  1. Cleaning your baby:

Do not excessively scrub or rub your baby’s sensitive skin with towels while bathing them. For the first few weeks, we recommend you clean your baby simply with a wet sponge as their skin will be more fragile than ever during this time. Be extra careful while cleaning the area in and around their genitals.

  1. Bathing your baby:

Bathing your baby too often can result in dry skin and your baby’s skin losing its natural softness. Therefore, only bathe your baby 2-3 times a week to maintain hygiene while also keeping your baby’s skin safe from dryness. Only use a body wash or a soap that contains natural extracts and is free from synthetic colours, parabens and other harmful chemicals. Bathe your baby with lukewarm water and pat dry their skin immediately after. 

  1. Limited outdoor playtime:

While spending time in the sun is healthy and important for your baby, getting too much exposure to the sun can prove to be harmful for your little one’s skin. When you take your baby outdoors, it’s recommended that you make them wear a hat, keep them in the shade as much as possible, and dress them in clothes that cover their arms and legs, to avoid too much direct sunlight. Do not put any sunscreen on their skin. You could put a layer of coconut oil on their skin before heading out. 

  1. Keep diaper rashes at bay:

Diaper rashes are very common in babies. They can occur if your baby’s diaper is wet for too long, or if the diaper is too tight in its fitting, etc. These rashes can be avoided if you:

  • Change their diapers at regular intervals
  • Let their bottoms breathe between diaper changings
  • Apply baby powder made from natural extracts before putting on a fresh diaper
  • Use diapers that are extra-absorbent, soft, and stay dry for longer durations
  1. Massaging your baby’s skin:

Giving your baby a massage is the best way for you to bond with your baby while also looking after your baby’s skin. Gently massage your baby with a mild body oil or baby lotion before or after bath time, or even before you put them to bed. Avoid using oils that contain chemicals or perfumes and use oils that contain natural extracts.

The most important thing to remember while looking after your baby’s skin is to keep it moisturized, clean, and hydrated at all times. Make sure you clean your hands before you touch your baby to avoid infections. Treat your little one’s skin with extreme care and tenderness.