Shopping for your toys is an extremely fun and exciting task when you’re walking down the aisle of a toy store, surrounded by thousands of adorable, fuzzy, and colourful things. However, the excitement soon starts to fade and the stress of picking the best toys for your little one kicks in.

Babies are cute little explorers. Playing with toys helps their development, encourages them to explore their unique interests and allows them to learn new skills. The kind of toys that are accessible to your little ones can play a great role in shaping their thinking and their overall development.

Choosing the right toys is a fun task until you have to decide which ones to go for when every toy you browse through insists that it is best for your baby. You will walk into the store and see a great variety of toys created for babies to play with and learn from. 

Your mind will be swamped with questions like – How do I decide which toy is right for my baby? How do I tell which ones are durable and will last longer? How do I know which toy will engage my baby’s interest and attention for more than just a few weeks?

We have just the answer you need. Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for your baby’s toys:

  1. Pick toys that can be used in different ways:

When buying toys for your little one, it’s recommended that you go for the open-ended ones. Your little explorer might want something they can take apart and put back together, something they can add to and build up. For example, interlocking blocks can be used to build just about anything your baby wants, be it a building, a bridge, or any shape they like. Such toys promote the development of logical thinking and problem-solving skills in babies.

  1. Age-appropriateness:

Your baby won’t be able to enjoy toys they can’t figure out how to use. Considering age-appropriateness becomes an increasingly important factor when choosing toys for your baby. If a toy is too difficult for your baby to understand, it may make them feel bored or even frustrated. 

  1. Safety:

Carefully examine every toy that you purchase for your baby. Even though all toy manufacturers specify age recommendations keeping safety in mind, it’s important to give it a second look. During their first year, your little one will throw, break, bang, drop, and bite any toy that you give them. If the toy has smaller parts, and if your little one is a fan of breaking things, there’s always the risk of choking. Avoid buying toys that have parts smaller than 2 inches. It is also important to ensure that the toys are painted with non-toxic materials and are easily washable. 

  1. Go for toys that encourage creative thinking:

Toys that allow your baby to use their imagination are good for them. Choose toys that give your baby a challenge, toys that make them think, toys that prompt them to solve a problem. Allow them to make toys fun for themselves by choosing the ones that cater to their specific interests. For instance, play-doh, dress up dolls, building blocks, child-friendly dollhouses, etc.

  1. Toys that involve physical activity:

Your little one will have all the time they need to play video games and watch cartoons when they grow up but the early years are for fun toys. Numerous toys require your baby to run around, walk, push, or pull. Those are the toys you should get for your baby to enhance their physical development and the development of gross motor skills. These could include toys like a plastic bowling set, balls of different shapes and sizes, gardening toys, etc.

Head to Mothercare Online and browse through a variety of toys from Hamleys for your little one to enjoy and learn from. Whichever toys you select for your baby, give them the freedom to explore and play with them the way they want. We hope these tips will help you in your search for the best toys for your baby.