The feeling of carrying a baby in the womb is unparalleled. However, this magical time of pregnancy has its own difficulties and challenges. Over the course of these nine months, you will experience all kinds of transformations that take place in your body, such as changes in size and shape, morning sickness, neck and back pains, discomfort, changes in your mood and eating habits. 

One of the most frustrating challenges you will encounter during your pregnancy is restlessness and difficulty falling asleep. As the baby grows in your belly, it puts pressure on your bladder, making you want to take frequent trips to the bathroom. Along with this, you may even feel uneasy and troubled by the back pains as your belly grows bigger. While this is completely normal, this lack of sleep may adversely affect your moods and behaviours, causing you to feel agitated, anxious, tired, and cranky. 

The best solution for this sleep deprivation is to get yourself a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy pillows are designed to offer maximum comfort and eliminate the sleeping problems of mommies-to-be. They provide cushioned support to your body from head to toe. They help keep cramps and back pains at bay. 

Read ahead to explore the uses and benefits of pregnancy pillows:

  1. Allow smooth blood circulation:

Most expecting mothers are advised by their doctors to sleep on their sides in order to allow the blood to flow smoothly. However, your growing belly may not always allow you to do that. Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow will make sleeping on your side a whole lot easier. It will provide your belly with the cushioned support and comfort it needs while allowing easy blood circulation. 

  1. Alleviate body pains:

Back pains are one of the most common challenges during pregnancy as the ligaments in your body stretch out to prepare you for giving birth. This can result in your hips and lower back to feel strained, making it difficult to fall asleep. Pregnancy pillows work wonders in minimizing these pains. They are designed to adapt and adjust to your body, providing support wherever you need it most, be it your legs, your tummy, back, or your hips. 

  1. Offer comfortable positions to sleep in:

All the hormonal changes accompanied by discomfort and body pains will make it difficult for you to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Snuggling into a comfy and plushy pregnancy pillow will help you overcome that. Placing your belly on the pillow and placing a pillow in between your legs can help a great deal to lift off some of the weight from your hips and back. 

While sleeping and resting is essential during pregnancy, for most women it’s hard to get some rest. Your changing body, increased restlessness and frequent urges to pee will cause sleep disruptions. Therefore, sleeping with pregnancy pillows is highly recommended to support your growing bump and help you get all the rest you need.