During these nine months of carrying your baby, you will learn to celebrate these little moments, even the mildly unpleasant ones. They will only make you realize that as you come across each of these milestones, you get closer to finally seeing your baby for the first time.

Pregnancy in itself is a huge milestone. But, the truth is that there are several smaller milestones sprinkled over these 9 magical months. Starting from finding out that you’re expecting to the day you are finally holding your baby in your arms, here are a few pregnancy milestones that you will cherish forever:

  1. Telling your partner you’re pregnant:

One of the happiest and most overwhelming moments is when you tell your partner you’re going to be parents. This is a moment many moms-to-be plan very carefully. Some make a special celebration out of it, while some just “accidentally” leave their test in conspicuous places and record their partner’s reaction. This is one of the happiest moments of your journey to parenthood.

  1. Your first prenatal appointment:

Seeing your OB/GYN as soon as you find out you’re expecting is a must. Your doctor will play a key role in ensuring you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. This is an important milestone because of the reassurance that your doctor will be there for you every step of the way. 

  1. Seeing your little one for the first time:

One of the most emotional and beautiful milestones is getting your first ultrasound. While you know you’re pregnant, in the first month, you’re hardly showing or feeling any kicks. It can be difficult to believe there’s a human being growing inside of you until you see that little human during your first ultrasound. It’s going to be a magical moment. Bring extra tissues!

  1. End of the first trimester:

Getting past the first trimester is a big deal. All the nerves that set in when you first find out, getting used to all the changes in your body, accepting that you’re going to be parents, all of that is now behind you. The bouts of morning sickness reduce significantly after the first trimester. Also, there’s the fact that you’re now only two trimesters away from holding your little bundle of joy in your arms! That’s definitely something to celebrate.

  1. Spotting your bump for the first time:

This is when you realize it’s all getting real. You will finally start to really FEEL pregnant as you start showing. While it may sometimes be accompanied by the realization that your favourite outfits may not fit you the same way for a while, it is extremely exciting to see your baby bump for the first time. 

  1. The first movement:

Feeling your baby move inside your belly is one of the strangest, yet amazing feelings in the world. To some women, it may feel like a fluttering sensation, while others may feel tiny kicks or nudges. It’s a moment that will put a smile on your face, one you will never get over. 

  1. Hearing that tiny heartbeat:

It is one of the most reassuring and beautiful sounds ever. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is a sign that your little munchkin is safe, healthy, and happy in your belly. It gives you a sense of relief that your pregnancy is on track. It is an immensely happy milestone to celebrate.

  1. Shopping for maternity clothes:

It might be an unpleasant feeling at first, not being able to fit into your favourite pair of jeans, or watching the buttons pop out as you put on your favourite top. But, the good news is that maternity clothes are now just as stylish as your daily outfits. Head to Mothercare Online and browse through some great maternity apparel. Happy shopping!

  1. Buying something for your baby for the first time:

The excitement will kick in super soon into your pregnancy and you would want to go all out shopping for your little one’s arrival. Be it a bunch of super cute outfits for your little one or just some beautiful furniture to start adding to your baby’s nursery. Mothercare India offers a wide range of baby products including baby gear, furniture, clothes, and other baby care accessories. 

While we couldn’t capture all, there will be many such noteworthy moments throughout your pregnancy that you’ll want to pause, cherish, and celebrate. These milestones will remind you of what a wonderful, magical miracle it is to be pregnant and how lucky you are to be given the gift of creating life.