Your little one’s journey to their first steps is an exciting adventure, right from sitting, to crawling, to standing up without support, and finally, to walking. Once you have your baby, time is going to fly by super fast. Soon after you bring them into the world, you will find yourself preparing them for some time outside of your arms.

It all starts with tummy time, and before you know it, they’ve learned to sit up on their own and crawl around the house. They start to do so much, so fast, you could almost picture them throwing their graduation caps in the air. It is during this exciting time in your baby’s life that you can help them gain confidence to take their first steps.

There are quite a few things you can do as a parent to encourage and prepare your baby for walking. Read ahead to find out what they are:

  1. Start early with the practice:

If you wish to see your little one be up and about the house soon, it’s recommended that you help them to start standing upright with support when they’re 7-8 months old. This will help to build their muscle memory and they should soon be able to do the same without your support.

  1. Make them go barefoot:

Experts claim that keeping your little one barefoot helps them familiarize themselves with the surface. Your little one can develop a certain posture that may not be the same with shoes on. This would also encourage them to stand up with little to no support, and maybe even start walking.

  1. Use toys and tools:

There are a variety of products out there that are designed to assist your baby in walking. As soon as they’re standing up straight, you can place them into the baby walkers or jumpers and let them manoeuvre the tool on their own. Head to Mothercare Online and browse through a range of baby walkers and jumpers, perfect to keep your little one entertained as they begin to find their footing.

  1. Hold your baby a little less:

In these early days, you may be very tempted to hold your baby in your arms every chance you get, because you just can’t get enough of them. We completely understand! However, to encourage them to walk, it’s important to give them time away from your arms. Being constantly held may result in delaying their walking milestone. So, try to place them down, and train them to reach out for you instead. Call out their name, make hand gestures, and ask them to come to you.

  1. Massage and exercise:

Frequent exercise and massages can help to strengthen your baby’s limbs and muscles and enhance the balance they need to take their first steps. Lots of tummy time and exercises to hold their head, and then their back upright can be very helpful. A daily bedtime massage will help nourish and relax their muscles.

Seeing your little ones take their first steps is a super special moment, one you would definitely want to capture and cherish for the rest of your life. It is a monumental moment for your baby, as they’re learning to make the transition from being held to prancing around the house with their little feet. Most babies start to walk at different times, but these little tips can help speed up the process. Capture and share your baby’s first steps with Mothercare India on our Instagram handle.