You’ve waited a long time to hold your precious bundle of joy in your arms and the time has finally come. Congratulations on being a new mommy! Along with this overwhelming joy, comes the powerful ‘mama bear’ instinct to take care of and protect your baby at all times. You would want to hold them, feed them, provide for them, love them in every way possible. This euphoric feeling is not like anything you’ve ever felt before.

However, the postpartum phase is different for every new mother. These overwhelming feelings of joy and affection will start to wear off as soon as the exhaustion and pain from childbirth kick in. You soon realize that now you have a whole new set of responsibilities during the first few days with your newborn

This brings forth a question that’s present in the back of the mind of every new mom – How do I care for myself and my child while managing all of my other responsibilities?

Fret not, we’ve collated some tips to practise self-care as a new mom:

  1. Let your close ones help out:

The first few days after delivery go by with people dropping by to meet you and the new addition to your family. Embracing this new role of motherhood will be a testing task in itself. So, feel free to reach out to your friends and family during this time. Ask them to help with meals, to run to the store, or even to take your dog for a walk as you put all your focus on bonding with your little one and getting sufficient rest.

  1. Pursue activities with your partner:

New parenthood can leave little to no time for you and your partner to focus on your relationship. It’s important to take out some time during the day, or even the week to find and take part in activities that you can do with your partner. Activities that celebrate togetherness! Be it working out together, watching a film, or just having a conversation over dinner after the baby is asleep. 

  1. Treat your body:

Your body just went through a whole lot of pain and exhaustion and it still continues to go through all sorts of changes. You need to take good care of yourself and your body during the postpartum period. Get as much rest as possible and catch up on your sleep. Try to indulge in activities that help your body relax, like meditation, yoga, a nice nourishing meal or even a hot luxury bath. Take time out to pamper yourself and reward your body for the strength and bravery with which it helped welcome your baby into the world.

  1. Stay organized:

Adapting to being a new mommy can get a little chaotic. It can leave you feeling scattered, exhausted, drained, and overwhelmed. It’s important to stay organized in such situations.

  • Focus on one thing at a time. Finish the task at hand before you move on to the next.
  • If you’re feeling too overwhelmed, allow yourself to let go every once in a while and order food instead of cooking at home. Work together with your partner to take up a few extra tasks on certain days. 
  • Make checklists for everything. Take a few minutes to write down everything that’s on your mind, clear the clutter and prioritize your tasks
  • Track important events and milestones in your baby’s life that you wouldn’t want to miss or forget.

Always remember that happiness comes from setting realistic goals and expectations. You are perfect no matter where you are in your journey as you embrace this new role. Be gentle with yourself, pamper yourself, and reward yourself whenever possible.