Expecting a baby is exciting, overwhelming, and everything in between. There’s so much to do before your little one makes their big debut. We know you are overwhelmed with this big life-altering news, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a checklist for each trimester to prepare you for each month and tackle your to-do list. 

Trimester 1: 

In the first trimester, people might not even notice that you are pregnant, but you will. The first trimester is an emotional rollercoaster that comes along after learning that you’re expecting a baby. So, stay up-to-date with the following things to start this new journey smoothly:

  1. As soon as you start to notice signs that might indicate you’re pregnant, go and see your doctor. They can confirm if you’re pregnant, determine your due date and help you plan your antenatal health care program timely.
  2. Maintain a nutritious, well-balanced and varied diet to help keep you and your baby healthy. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine. 
  3. Don’t miss out on your first antenatal visit (between 10-12 weeks) and first ultrasound between 8 and 12 weeks. 
  4. You need to exercise regularly. Try to remain active along with at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, like walking or swimming, every day.
  5. Having a baby means added financial responsibilities. So, begin planning your finances right away.

Trimester 2: 

Of course, your growing baby belly will become much more noticeable during this trimester. As the second trimester rolls in, don’t stress about things you need to do. Tie up all the loose ends with the steps laid out in this second-trimester pregnancy checklist.

  1. You’ve probably noticed that your clothes don’t fit properly – it’s time to look for maternity clothes. Go shopping. Explore a variety of maternity clothes at Mothercare online.
  2. Have your anomaly scan and ultrasound exam performed. These are important prenatal tests, as they ensure the health of your unborn baby.
  3. At 20 weeks, you’re halfway through your pregnancy. Hooray! It’s time to let loose and celebrate this milestone!
  4. Plan your maternity leave with your employer. This is an important part of the pregnancy checklist. Setting up your maternity leave well in advance ensures a smooth transition away from, and back to, work.
  5. It’s time to write your birth plan. Think through your preferences and expectations for delivery day, then put it all down on paper so everyone (doctors, midwife, your partner, etc.) is on the same page.
  6. Antenatal classes will explain what to expect during labour, your pain relief choices, pregnancy exercises, and basic child care. Don’t forget to enrol yourself in. 

Trimester 3: 

Welcome to your third trimester! The final stretch typically brings everything from the joys of a baby shower to the jitters about giving birth. Your to-do list might seem like it’s never-ending, but these final steps are all you need to prepare for your little one’s arrival. 

  1. The most important thing in your third trimester is packing your hospital bag. Things like a change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and cell phone chargers should all get packed in the hospital bag.
  2. Enjoy your baby shower. Once the baby arrives everything is going to be all about your little angel. So, soak up this much-deserved love and attention and enjoy!
  3. Worrying about cooking the dinner should be the last thing on your and your partner’s minds. Prepare some healthy meals in advance that you can store in the freezer.  That way, it will be easy for both of you to quickly heat them up and eat.
  4. Organise your support system for after you have had the baby. Decide whether you’ll call for child care or your family. Now is the time to take that decision. 
  5. Stock up on everything you might need for your baby. Shop for your baby essentials at Mothercare Online. 
  6. Soak in the last few magical moments of pregnancy. You are probably over being pregnant and ready to meet your baby, but there will be moments when you will miss the feeling of the baby moving around in your belly. Cherish these last days with your bump and do something nice for yourself. The end is almost here, or should we say the beginning?

Your pregnancy is a life-changing event. It’s an amazing time, but it can take you through a gamut of emotions. While there are a million things to do to prepare for your baby, there’s no need to feel stressed in the process. With this pregnancy checklist, getting ready for your new bundle of joy will be a breeze!

Get ready for a baby: Check! ✅