Wholesome nutrition plays a big role in your baby’s overall growth – from physical milestones like learning to walk for the first time to mental development. But, you don’t have to be a MasterChef to provide a healthy diet to your baby. Check out these simple recipes to make the eating process fun for you and your baby.

4-6 months:

When your baby is 4 to 6 months old, you’ll want to use simple, single-ingredient foods.

  1. Pureed fruits and vegetables

Peel your fruit, cook it for a while in a pressure cooker and mash once cooled down. Since fruits contain natural sugars, your baby is sure to enjoy this delicious treat!

  1. Dal or rice sugar

This is an extremely popular and simple first food for babies. All you need to do is grind down the rice or dal of your choice to a fine powder and mix in a cup of water or breast milk. This will ensure the mixture is runny enough for your baby to digest.

  1. Avocado puree

This buttery treat is a wonderful source of “good fats” for your baby’s brain and physical development. Plus, the creamy texture of a perfectly ripe avocado is one that babies seem to love. 

7-9 months:

By this time your little one will start growing a set of baby teeth and an eagerness to steal things from your plate. This is the perfect time to add new foods to your baby food chart for 7 months.

  1. Khichdi

This will serve as the first taste of adult-food for your baby. Make a small batch of khichdi for your baby. Remember, your baby’s stomach and digestive system are still growing, so a big no for spices and salt.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and healthy fats. Starting your baby on eggs early on in their diet will help them develop strong bones and a healthy immune system.

  1. Spinach with white Yams

The simple combination of spinach and yam will make a delicious meal for your baby as they offer substantial nutrition to your little one. This simple meal will add a healthy dose of Vitamin A and Calcium to your baby’s diet. 

10-12 months:

Your baby now has their own likes and dislikes. Your cuddly little bundle of joy is now more energetic than ever, looking for new things to taste. Here’s a closer look at what you can add to your baby food menu.

  1. Fruit Juices

At this age your baby is finally ready for their first sip of juice. Keep them hydrated with various fruit juices like apple, watermelon, orange etc. When feeding your little one juice, ensure it is homemade and free of artificial flavours and sweeteners. 

  1. Upma

Upma made from sooji is a great source of carbohydrates for your baby. This mouth-watering delicacy will fill your baby with energy. Remember, now you can spice up your baby’s meals a bit. Introduce your baby to cinnamon, curry leaves, salt and other spices.

  1. Boiled carrot sticks

Boil carrot wedges until they reach a soft consistency. Saute wedges in a pan along with oil and add salt and pepper. This is the perfect food to tickle your little one’s developing taste as they learn to chew. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  1. Follow your baby’s lead. This is a completely new experience for your little one, so they might show some resistance in the beginning. Follow their cues. If they refuse to eat or turn their head away, don’t force them. 
  2. Watch out for allergies. Just like adults, babies, too, are susceptible to allergies. When introducing your baby to solid food for the first time, be sure to watch them closely.
  3. Start slow. It may take multiple attempts to accept solid food, so go slow. Be patient with your baby as you go on this new adventure together!
  4. Learn to love the mess. Considering it’s your baby’s first time at the grown ups’ table, be sure to expect gooey fingers and a sticky face. But don’t fret! Remember that at this stage, you are building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

These easy to make recipes will bring out the yumminess in your food and provide your baby with the necessary nutrients. You’ll need some basic equipment such as a blender, cooker and masher to try these recipes. Find them here at MotherCare Online. 

Make this process fun for your baby and don’t forget to click some cute pictures of your baby splashing the food. Those will be memories for a lifetime.