As a new parent, you love watching your little one grow and change every passing day. Each day brings new skills and excitement as babies discover the world around them. The pure joy of just watching them be a little kid is beautiful. With this comes the exciting challenge of finding new and creative ways to bond with your baby. 

When and How it happens

Do you remember when you learned you were pregnant? Surely it was a deeply emotional moment. A second before, you were responsible for yourself and, a second after, you were forever linked to a new being growing inside you. It is then when you really start building the foundation of this beautiful and everlasting relationship between you and your baby. 

Bonding starts as early as those first little flutters in your belly. As your baby grows, consider all those little kicks and movements early signs of his personality asserting itself. However, if you don’t feel that attachment coming immediately, do not feel guilty or anxious. The bond you feel with your baby isn’t instantaneous; it will grow slowly yet steadily. 

Here are some simple hacks to bond with your baby:

  • Skin-to-skin contact

From birth, your newborn can feel even the gentlest touch. Regularly touch and cuddle your little munchkin. Think of diaper changing as a chance for bonding with each other. Tickle your baby’s tummy, shower them with unlimited kisses and intimate skin-on-skin hugs. Feeling your baby’s warmth, smelling their sweet scent, sharing close contact will help you both feel safe with each other. 

  • Talk, Read, Sing

There is nothing more familiar or calming to your baby than the sound of your voice. Talk to your newborn while looking into their eyes. Narrate what you’re doing, thinking and feeling. By talking to your baby often, you are inviting them to participate in your relationship. Your little one will love hearing your conversations and listening to you read and sing. You can find some heartwarming books for your kids at Mothercare Online. 

  • Eye to eye and face to face

Babies get meaningful communication from making eye contact with their mothers and gazing at their faces in close range. From early on your munchkin will try to imitate your facial expressions and gestures. Make funny expressions while maintaining eye contact. Smile at your baby, and return the smile when they smile at you first.  Sharing plenty of up-close face time is the best way to begin open communication with each other.

  • Attention, Hugs and Kisses

The most beautiful way to build an emotional connection with your baby is to shower them with love and attention. Kiss their nose and toes, exchange beautiful smiles, let those dishes and laundry pile up, you prioritise relishing these soft moments. You will both be happier and calmer. 

When it comes to bonding with your newborn, the most important thing to remember is that you are enough. By attentively meeting his daily needs, you are already actively creating a bond. And the consistent comfort your baby gets from you is laying the foundation for life-long confidence and self-esteem. 

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