Managing house chores, working from home, and spending time with your baby all at the same time can be quite a pain in the neck especially in the current scenario. It is really difficult to confine your kids within four walls when they are used to going outside, running freely and playing. Juggling your own work while keeping them busy can be a draining task.

We know you would be running dry on ideas for keeping your kids happily occupied at home. Hence, we have pulled together a list of DIY activities to channelise your kids’ energy in a constructive, yet fun way. 

  1. Artsy and crafty 

Kids always enjoy when they see different colours in front of their eyes. This lockdown is the perfect time for the kids to unleash their creativity. Fluid Painting is a perfect activity for toddlers. Get them a canvas and a few paints and ask them to spill the paint on the canvas. Hand painting on walls and papers is also a great alternative. This will give wings to their imagination and keep them engaged as well. 

  1. Play-Doh

Little ones always love it when they can mould, stretch, break things and still be able to play with them. Doh is a perfect accessory for them. They can make creative shapes with doh while smashing and pulling it at the same time. Playing with doh also helps in arm strengthening and developing proper hand grip. 

  1. Learning toys

What works better than toys to spark your little ones’ interest and bring joy in their lives? You can use multiple toys such as musical instruments, connecting toys like lego blocks, and easy jigsaw puzzles. These are some of the best toys to instill creativity and problem-solving skills in the kids. You can find more such toys by Hamleys on Mothercare online.

  1. Outdoor made indoor

So what if you can’t go outside? You can make an indoor version of outdoor games and get your little ones hyped up. Indoor basketball with a net is a great way to get your kids moving.You can also organise a home-made bowling game for your kids. Another exciting way to get your little ones cheered up is indoor camping. Get a tent, turn off the lights, create a pretend bonfire and you’re all set for this adventure. 

In the current situation, things could get really tough for you with your kids around constantly, making it difficult to manage your life and work along with their needs. These activities will definitely give you time to breathe and keep your little munchkins happy and occupied.