Pregnancy might make you want to sit back and rest quite a bit. Carrying a baby is a tough job and it makes you feel more tired than usual. You get backaches from the extra weight that you’re carrying, and it makes you want to sleep all the time. Aside from the exhaustion, you also get cravings and constant hunger pangs, as you’re no longer eating for one. 

All of these factors combined may lead to weight gain. While that is completely normal, it also has some drawbacks. It can cause you to feel low on confidence and make you anxious, it can prove to be harmful to you and your baby’s health, and it can also increase the risk of gestational diabetes. 

Therefore, adding a little bit of exercise or any kind of physical activity to your daily routine can help you feel energised and uplifted, ease your mood swings, and sleep better. Physical exercise also helps in reducing the risk of complications during your pregnancy and childbirth.

Here are a few things you can do to remain active during your pregnancy:

  1. Keep moving:

Frequent movement is important for women who are expecting. Pregnant women who remain physically active have fewer back pains, more energy, and a relatively easy return to their pre-pregnancy body. Take walks around the house, try and take part in simple and easy household chores to keep your muscles engaged.

  1. A little more cardio:

Indulge in activities that make your heartbeat just a little bit faster. Some exercises that you can do are dancing, light jogging on the spot in front of the mirror, or just some easy aerobics. This will help you to build stamina and boost endurance and strength to make the process of birth relatively smoother. 

  1. Yoga and stretching:

Yoga is one of the best ways to breathe and relax for pregnant women. It helps calm the mind and the body, while also alleviating stress. Prenatal yoga and stretching can also help ease your pain and prepare your body for labour and childbirth as they lubricate and loosen up the joints and ligaments of your pelvis. 

  1. Light weights:

Make sure you don’t lift heavy weights. Practice lifting light weights and doing three to four repetitions a day. You could also use bottles of water or canned foods as alternatives in case you don’t own a pair of light weights. This will help to keep your muscles strong and toned, while also minimizing back pains. 

Here are a few tips we’d like you to keep in mind when you’re exercising:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and an effective sports bra. You can shop for comfy maternity wear at Mothercare Online
  • Exercise on a flat surface with a yoga mat to avoid any pressure on your back
  • Make sure you have eaten an hour before you begin your workout
  • Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after exercise
  • Stop exercising the moment you start to feel too exhausted or any other discomfort

Although it is strongly recommended to stay active during pregnancy, you must consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine. They will be more familiar with the state of your pregnancy and will be able to recommend what activities are appropriate for you. Regular exercise can help you cope with your pregnancy and help your body prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Stay motivated, active, and positive!