The emergence of Covid-19 has led to widespread concern and panic about how to safeguard yourself from this infectious virus. But for all you super moms out there, the bigger question is what can you do to protect your babies and keep them safe amidst such circumstances. 

Have a look at these simple hacks to keep your baby away from Covid-19:

  1. The most important thing is to give your baby enough nutrition to build their immunity. Along with breast milk, consult a doctor and give proper vitamins to your babies to stay healthy. 
  2. Use regular household cleaners or wipes to clean and disinfect things that your babies touch a lot (toys, remote controls, phones, light switches etc). Do this every day.
  3. Make sure your kids follow good respiratory hygiene. This means you should cover their mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue when they cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.
  1. The baby’s caregivers need to wash their hands frequently and get rid of any particles that might impact their health. 
  2. In this pandemic, a symptom as small as a cough needs to be taken care of with utmost diligence to avoid any future problems. If you see any minute symptoms like cold, cough, difficulty in breathing, please seek immediate medical care.
  3. Keep all indoor spaces properly ventilated to give some fresh air to your baby.
  1. Take extra care of your baby and yourself while taking them to the hospital for vaccination. Wear gloves and masks, do not touch any surface, maintain social distancing and do not forget to take a hot water shower once back home.
  2. Spend enough quality time with your toddler. Even when they’re small, they understand all that’s going around them. Keep the negativity away from them and keep them entertained. Head to Mothercare Online and shop for baby entertainment products at up to 50% off.

This is a stressful time and millions of people have the same fears as you. Find someone you can talk to about how you are feeling. Listen to them. You can join the Mothercare 2am club to reach out to other mommies like you and share your thoughts. 

This is an initiative to make mothers feel comfortable and secure, by providing a platform where they can interact with fellow mommies and spread a feeling of community bonding between them. With the support of friends and family, we are sure to beat this pandemic together and don’t worry, your kids will soon get the happy-go-lucky life you imagined for them.