Bringing home a newborn is blissful and terrifying at the same time. But from one mother to the other, let us assure you that you shall get through and come out stronger from the experience. 

Knowing what is in store for you will help you be better prepared to embark on this journey of motherhood with zeal and ease. So, here is a guide as to what to expect in the first 30 days of your motherhood:

Week 1

The most noticeable change in your newborn will be of him developing reflexes like sucking or rooting.

In the first two days, your baby might get detected with jaundice. Don’t worry because most jaundice cases in babies get resolved on their own. However, it’s always a good idea to pay your pediatrician a visit to avoid any future repercussions. Apart from this and your baby crying, you are going to cry A LOT and it’s totally okay. Your body has gone through a major physical shift and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. 

Week 2 

This is when your newborn gets hungrier, sleepier and crankier, so brace yourself! It’s essential to watch out for his eating habits during this period. Anything extreme ranging from not eating at all to always being hungry calls for a visit to the doctor. At this point of time, his sleeping cycle will be quite unpredictable so try to catch some sleep whenever possible to avoid exhausting yourself.

Week 3

And your newborn has finally discovered the concept of movement! That means bidding farewell to a good night’s sleep. But let’s admit it, you wouldn’t want to miss your little ones milestones for anything in the world. Your newborn will get stronger with the day and this is when you encourage some tummy exercises and head movement. It’s a good time for your baby to flex their muscles.

Week 4 

At this point of time you might feel slightly confident with your baby but wait a second? What’s that? Is your baby trying to communicate with you? That’s right! This is when your baby will try to send signals by crying or with the help of simple hand movements. Louder the cry, the crankier your little one is, so pay attention to every call for help.

The above guide is not set in stone because let’s admit it, with your newborn, everyday is a new day. So, don’t forget to cherish that.

Once you pass the one month mark with your baby, things will start to seem easier and lighter, so hang in there. There are a bunch of things like swaddle wrap, teething soothers, mothercare pacifiers, and a lot more you can buy from Mothercare Online to ensure a smooth 30 day run with your newborn!