Dressing your baby in the summers can be a tough task. You want your baby to be comfortable without sacrificing the style quotient because let’s admit it, life is too short to not play dress-up with your little ones. That being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind while picking clothes for your newborn in the summers:

  1. Fabric: Your baby’s soft skin deserves the softest fabric. Anything too hard can cause itchiness or rashes in the scorching heat. So pick something delicate and light-weighted like cotton wear.
  2. Benchmark according to your clothes: If full sleeves are making you sweat, chances are your baby will find it uncomfortable too. So pick clothes that match your comfort level to gauge your baby’s reaction.
  1. Light coloured clothes: Try to dress your little ones in light shades as they don’t hold heat and will prevent your newborn from excessive sweating.
  2. Size: It’s always better to pick a size bigger than a smaller size to prevent your newborn from suffocating. 

Now that we have covered the important part, let’s move on to the fun part! People who think that dressing babies up is all fun and no pain are obviously not aware of the crazy ever-changing baby fashion trends! I do not blame you for spoiling your little one with multiple outfits, but here a few basics that never go out of fashion and can help streamline your baby’s wardrobe:

  1. Rompers: A cute cut sleeves romper is the answer for all your baby’s summer outings. Be it an evening playdate or just taking a nap at home, this piece of basic clothing provides the ultimate level of comfort to them.
  2. Baby shorts: This simple piece of clothing can be paired with anything, from a basic tee to a bodysuit.
  3. Summer hats: This particular item is a necessity and something your little one can’t go without in the summers. Keep it handy for long road trips or a simple stroll in the park to keep your baby protected.
  4. Basic light coloured tees: Light coloured sleeveless tees never go out of fashion or comfort and can be matched with multiple clothing items. So stack your baby’s wardrobe with multiple basic tees.

Your little one is ready to slay this summer with the above fashion hacks and who knows we may also have a future fashion influencer in the making?
Also, to ensure a smooth summertime for your baby, don’t forget to keep them hydrated and keep a water-resistant sunscreen at all times. 
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