The arrival of your baby is a thought that keeps you up at night stressing over your to-do list- from shopping for clothes and baby gear for your little one to bringing them into their new home. The last thing you want is to add to that list as you inch closer to your due date

by worrying about where to put the bassinet, what colour to paint the walls, where to place the changing table, and so on

It’s time for you to stop worrying and use this time to plan for the perfect nursery for your little one, and you as well. Let us help you make your nursery a safe and happy place for your little one. 

Read ahead to explore some great tips and recommendations to help you pull together a wonderful gender-neutral nursery for your baby:

  1. Start by looking for some inspiration:

Several online platforms can help you curate a mood board for the overall theme for the nursery. Begin with shortlisting ideas for colour schemes, themes, wallpapers, and patterns before you move on to other things. We recommend considering subtle tones of white, beige, eggshell white, in contrast with pastel colours such as shades of peach, pink, lilac, lavender, or yellow for a cosy and minimalist theme. Adding fun patterns and shapes like stripes or stars will give the room a playful look. For the flooring, we recommend laminates in shades of brown. These tones will make for an easy transition for the room as your baby grows into a toddler, and then a tween.

  1. Choose bright colours for the cabinets and organizers:

Bright and colourful furniture will balance out the calm and subtle tones of the walls. Mothercare’s blue coloured Children’s Toy Organizer for boys or the Princess Toy Organizer for girls would be a great fit for the nursery. These organizers offer great storage capacities, designed to hide away all the baby clutter.

  1. Go for sober colours with the cots and cribs:

For the cribs and cot beds, we recommend going for pale tones or light wood shades.

The Mothercare Ayr Antique Baby Cot will give your nursery a beautiful contemporary touch. Pair it with a white or beige faux fur rug to complement its antique look. Head to the Mothercare online store to explore a great selection of baby cots and cribs for your baby’s nursery.

  1. Add a touch of green:

Adding plants is the best way of adding some shades of green to your baby’s room. We suggest placing a few small air-purifying planters in certain spots of the nursery to elevate the aesthetics of the room. The softness and freshness of indoor plants will tie all the elements together along with creating a pure and safe environment for your baby.

  1. Baby-proofing:

Now that you are almost done putting the nursery together, it’s time to think about your baby’s safety, who in no time will start crawling and playing around.

  • Keep all furniture away from the windows
  • Ensure that there are no electrical wires near the crib
  • Use box covers to prevent the baby from accidentally touching the switchboards
  • Install a carbon monoxide and a smoke detector
  • Cover all sharp furniture edges with safety padding

Project Nursery is now complete. Your baby’s happy place is all set to welcome its new occupant. Share images of your little munchkins enjoying their new home with us on our Instagram handle and get your masterpiece featured on our page.