As much as people persistently advise you to simply match your sleeping cycle according to your baby’s, it’s not that simple! 

Nevertheless, if motherhood has got you searching for solutions online on how to tackle sleepless nights, then you are at the right place. There is no magic formula to help you sleep but what you can do instead is sleep train your baby from an early age to ensure smooth nights for you both.

Though it’s next to impossible to set a fixed sleep routine for a newborn baby, you can start by inculcating good sleep habits, such as: 

Teach them the difference between day and night: Try to engage with your baby during the daytime by keeping things lively. As the sun sets, you can create a sleepy and comfy environment at home by dimming the lights or reading a book to your baby.

Fix a nap routine: Feed your baby, give them a warm bath and change them into a fresh diaper one hour before bedtime. Try to get them into this routine every night to make a gradual shift in their sleeping pattern.

Independent sleeping: Try to incorporate the habit of not rocking your baby to sleep so that your newborn falls into the habit of sleeping on their own. Also, try not rushing into your baby’s room whenever you hear them cry. Give them some time to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. 

There is no tried and tested formula that works for every baby but imbibing these small habits in your little one from the very beginning can go a very long way. As a mom, you may be worried about detachment issues with your child, but research suggests that sleep training is not only safe but is also important for your baby’s development. 

Moreover, keep in mind that your baby might cry through a few nights while you’re sleep training. So, make sure to send an appreciation note to your neighbours explaining the situation and thanking them for their indirect support. 

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So, here’s wishing you and your baby a good night’s sleep! Sweet dreams 🙂