Holi is a festival of colours, frolics, and lots of fun. What makes it even more special is celebrating it with your little ones who never cease to make your life colourful. However, being a mom can change the way you look at this festival. As a new mom, you may find yourself wondering how you can make your first Holi with your baby joyful and memorable, or whether your baby would be comfortable and safe around all the colours.

How your little ones participate in and react to the festivities depends majorly on their mood. Your baby is likely to get excited seeing vibrant colours flying around, people singing and dancing. However, they may get overwhelmed and begin to cry soon after. It is therefore advised that you plan the festivities and celebrations in a way that matches your baby’s mood and routine.

Here are a few helpful tips that could make this wonderful festival more enjoyable for both you and your little bundle of joy:

  • Make sure that your little one is well-rested and well-fed before you begin with the festivities. Your baby is less likely to get moody if all their other needs are taken care of well in advance.
  • At such a small age, it is recommended that you keep your baby inside and only bring them outdoors for short durations.
  • Your baby will be more comfortable if they have a familiar face present with them at all times. Ensure that you and your partner take turns to look after your baby during the celebrations.
  • Apply a layer of the All We Know Mothercare baby oil on your baby’s skin before you take them out to join in the festivities
  • It is advised not to apply colours on your baby’s delicate skin as that might result in rashes or irritation. However, if the colours are made entirely of organic and natural ingredients, a pinch of colour here and there would be harmless
  • If you do apply colour on your baby’s skin, make sure to bathe them soon after. Head to Mothercare online and explore a wide range of baby bath accessories
  • You may also allow your baby to play with clean water and be a part of the celebrations. However, make sure to dry them soon after to ensure they don’t catch a cold
  • Before you breastfeed your baby again, ensure that you clean yourself thoroughly to reduce the chances of your baby ingesting the colours
  • Look out for any signs of accidental ingestion of colour by your baby. As they are too young to express any discomfort, you may have to closely observe their skin, eyes, and their behaviour for any signs of irritation or rashes
  • Dress your little munchkin up in coveralls to minimize skin exposure. Shop at Mothercare to explore a wide range of baby clothes
  • If they see people smearing your face or your partner’s with colours, they are likely to think that their parents are being harmed. Try and keep your baby away from big crowds and commotion. Keep your celebrations subtle and gentle to make it smooth for both you and your little one

It’s important to plan your day around the needs and comfort of your little ones in order to make this Holi a special occasion that both you and your baby can enjoy to the fullest.

Keep these tips handy and have a bright, safe, colourful and a very happy Holi.