Welcome to the 2am Club. 

Why 2am club? As most of us new parents will agree it’s probably the only club we’re getting into. At least for the foreseeable future. 

2am meant parties, 2am meant movie nights, 2am meant red-eye flights.
Now 2am means the inevitable night shift, that arrives on the heels of an intense day shift, a 24 hour gig, called parenting

2am Club means we’re in it together
New parents, first-time parents, a-couple-times-around-the-block parents, single parents, we’re all in it together. While we may differ in our parenting styles, techniques and philosophies we are united in our experience, of the time agnostic, rollercoaster ride with our babies and toddlers. Let’s connect!

2am Club is open round the clock
Join us, anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are in your parenting journey. The 2am Club is a safe space for you to connect, explore and share with like-minded people. All united in our parenting experience.
From your pregnancy ride to preparing for your baby’s arrival, caring for your new born to practicing some much needed self-care whenever you find the time. Tracking your toddler milestones to everything in between. Here’s a carefully created resource for everyone who is on Team Parent. And we don’t mean just moms.

2am Club means let’s hear from the dads
More working moms means more stay at home dads. India is probably seeing its first generation of daddy ‘day-care’ givers. Hey, we know you’re out there! Drop us a line tell us how you feel, tell us if there’s anything you’d like to hear.

…and grandpas and grandmas too
Grandparents, we know you’re out there too. Supporting young families by pitching in wholeheartedly, often as the primary caregivers and nanny supervisors! From bath time and naptime to feeding and carpooling, we know you’ve got it all covered. Like they say, it does take a village to raise a baby

Welcome all, to the 2am Club

Tell us what you’re thinking
Let’s get this community going! Feel free to leave your pro-parent tips, tricks and hacks in the comments section below.
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